Diagnose & Solve Reading Problems

If you, your child, or your student is experiencing a) low grades on tests or in any subject; b) low test scores in reading or any content area subject; c) reading below grade level; d) difficulty reading big or new words; e) difficulty with comprehension or memory of what you read; OR you just want to get ahead, get top grades, or do well on an important test like a state reading test, kindergarten, elementary, middle, or high school entrance examination, or the college prep tests such as the SAT or ACT, your success is often based on your reading abilities.

For 20 years we have been solving all the above problems for learners of all ages, pre-K, K-12, college, and adult, whether gifted, regular ed, special ed, ADHD or ADD, Title 1 or remedial reading, bi-lingual, or ESL or ESOL, and we can help you, too!

Our first step is to diagnose what is holding you back in any of the above areas. We offer reading diagnostics testing to find out what gaps you have or what is causing the reading or learning problem, and once we know that we can fix the problem in the shortest possible time. We also find your fastest way of learning to help us solve the problem quickly.

Your choice: we offer reading diagnostic testing and our Superlink assessment to find your fastest way of learning live in-person at our physical institute in Naperville, Illinois, west of Chicago or via a web meeting from anywhere in the world; or through our home do-it-yourself Internet test via a license you can buy so you can access the test and assess your own child, students, or a loved one.

From the testing, you will receive a diagnosis, and detailed individual personalized prescriptive plan giving you the direction to solve your problem. You will also have a detailed report of your fastest way of learning and the methods you need to fix the problem in the shortest possible time. School districts, schools, teachers, parents, and home-schoolers, as well as companies and organizations have been using these diagnostics tests for over 20 years and have found them to solve their problems rapidly (see about Ricki Linksman and testimonials tab on this site for a history of these successes.)

Note: The diagnostic test is for anyone, not just for those who have special needs. Even if someone is an A student, but suddenly drops to a B or C, it is often based on some gap in reading skills, which can be easily remedied once we know what is holding that learner back.

You can either use the diagnostic report to get help on your own, or you can explore readinginstruction.com for proven and brain-based researched methods that bring you rapid success through books, eBooks, courses, and audio, video, and digital materials we offer to use the solve the problem in the shortest possible time.

To make an appointment for a reading diagnostic test, whether in-person, via web, or to order the do-it-yourself license, email: info@keyslearning.com

Click here to find resources to diagnose and solve reading problems.

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