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Free Parent and Teacher Resource: Questions and Answers on Kinesthetic and Tactile Learning with Ricki Linksman::

These are FAQ’s about kinesthetic learners and tactile learners that we have received from parents and teachers. If you feel you are a kinesthetic learner or you are a parent or teacher with kinesthetic children or teens, and you would like further help, you can take the Superlinks test to find out if your child is a kinesthetic learner or a left-brain kinesthetic learner, right-brain kinesthetic learner or a combination. You can also take the Keys to Learning Success on-line reading diagnostic test and get an accurate reading diagnosis with a prescriptive plan on how to improve in reading, with lessons in all learning styles and brain styles (visual, auditory, tactile, kinesthetic left brain or right brain) with hundreds of kinesthetic lessons plans in kinesthetic reading comprehension, kinesthetic phonics, kinesthetic study skills, kinesthetic test-taking skills, and kinesthetic vocabulary skills. You will get thousands of kinesthetic lesson plans. To order Keys to Reading Success and get help for your kinesthetic child or tactile child NOW:  (This is special order only–email: if interested).

Q: What is a kinesthetic learner?
A: Kinesthetic learners learn best through movement of their large or gross motor muscles. They take in information best when they are moving. Movement includes learning while doing, being involved in projects, discovery, role-playing, simulations, real life activities, and learning while standing up or using the large arm muscles to write as on a flip chart or chalkboard.

Q: What is a tactile learner?
A: Tactile learners learn best through their sense of touch, such as using their hands and fingers. They learn best by writing, drawing, taking notes, using hands-on manipultives, and involving their emotions and feelings while learning.

Question: Do kinesthetic learners have A.D.D. or ADHD?
A: In my article, “The Fine Line Between A.D.D. and Kinesthetic Learners,” published in the Latitudes newsletter, and in my new book, The Fine Line between ADHD and Kinesthetic Learners: 197 Activities to Quickly Improve Reading, Memory, and Learning in Just 10 Weeks: The Ultimate Parent Handbook for ADHD, ADD, and Kinesthetic Learners I point out that a kinesthetic learner does not necessarily have ADD or ADHD. ADD or ADHD can exist in someone who learns through any learning style: visual, auditory, tactile, or kinesthetic. It is not related to one’s learning style. On the other hand, a kinesthetic learner refers to someone whose neural brain patterns are more developed to take in information about the body’s movements through space. Unfortunately, what happens is that the movement characteristics that are typical of kinesthetic learners are also one of the characteristics on some of the checklists that parents and teachers fill out when a medical doctor diagnoses if someone has ADD or ADHD. Because the same characteristic appears for both categories–kinesthetic learners and those with ADD or ADHD, the assumption is often wrongly made that the kinesthetic learner has these challenges and may be improperly put on medication such as Ritalin.

My suggestion is that if you suspect your child has ADD or ADHD, you first try an intervention. You can find out the child’s best and fastest way of learning. Parents and teachers in school districts around the world have taken the Keys to Reading Success reading diagnostics test with its Linksman Learning Style Preference Assessment and Linksman Brain Hemispheric Preference Assessment to determine their child’s or teen’s best learning style and brain hemispheric preference, to see if he or she has a left-brain hemispheric preference or right-brain hemispheric preference. If he or she is kinesthetic, then you will find that learning kinesthetic accelerated learning techniques will help him or her be successful. If the child improves in reading and learning, your problem may be solved. If, even with the correct techniques to match the child’s learning style and brain style (Superlinks style) the child does not improve, then that would be a time to have a medical diagnosis made about ADD or ADHD. Remember, to be diagnosed as ADD or ADHD (attention deficit disorder or attention deficit hyperactive disorder), it is a medical diagnosis, and needs a medical doctor to decide that through medical examination. (To order Keys to Reading Success and get help for your kinethetic child or child with ADD or ADHD NOW, you can view information at : (This is a special order. If interested then email:

Question: How can I teach reading to my kinesthetic child?
A: Kinesthetic people take in information in a different way. They need a different approach for learning reading, (phonics, vocabulary, or comprehension), spelling, writing, study skills, note-taking, and test-taking skills in any content area subject. For resources, the following provides thousands of kinesthetic lesson plans and activities to teach all aspects of reading through kinesthetic techniques:  (To order Keys to Reading Success and get help for your kinethetic child or child with ADD or ADHD NOW, you can view information at : (This is a special order. If interested then email:  If you would like to test to see if your child is a kinesthetic learner, the Superlinks learning style test and brain hemispheric preference assessment and reading diagnosis will help you.

Question: How does one teach reading to a tactile learner?
A: Tactile learners learn best through their hands and fingers. This is an important approach for teaching all aspects of reading: phonics or phonemic awareness, vocabulary, or comprehension, as well as study skills, note-taking skills, memory improvement, and test-taking skills. The following resources give tactile techniques, thousands of tactile activities and lesson plans, and strategies for teaching the tactile learner. (To order Keys to Reading Success and get help for your tactile child NOW: )

Question: Do you have any resources parents and teachers can use with kinesthetic and tactile learners to improve reading and learning?

Answer: See below for books and products proven to help kinesthetic and tactile learners improve and excel in reading and learning any subject!

New Book and Resources for Kinesthetic and Tactile Learners (K-12, and college):

New Book by Ricki Linksman: The Fine Line between ADHD and Kinesthetic Learners: 197 Activities to Quickly Improve Reading, Memory, and Learning in Just 10 Weeks: The Ultimate Parent Handbook for ADHD, ADD, and Kinesthetic Learners (see below for description). Regularly priced at $29.00 if you order today you can get this over 300-page book at our special discounted price of $19.00. To order go to:

New Kinesthetic Phonics Games: Off the Wall Phonics: It’s fast, fun, easy, and it works. This award-winning program developed by international accelerated learning and reading expert Ricki Linksman has proven to raise reading levels on average of two to five years growth for K-12 students and college within the shortest possible time! 10 Levels with 10 Games each can be used to teach reading or fill in gaps in reading to raise your child to the highest possible level of fluency within the time it takes to play all 10 levels. (see below for description). To order go to:

Parents and teachers:

Are you frustrated in not knowing how to help your child or teen (grades K-12 or college) improve in reading and learning, or even learn to read? If so, you have come to the right place to get instant help to quickly improve your child’s reading, memory, learning, grades, and test scores. It could be that your child or teen is a kinesthetic or tactile learner. Maybe you or others thought your child has ADHD or ADD, or your child has been labeled or even misdiagnosed with those challenges. It could be that your child is merely a kinesthetic or tactile learner and needs different techniques and strategies to read or learn. Do you feel that your kinesthetic or tactile child or teen is bright, yet you cannot understand why he or she is struggling in school or not getting the grades equal to the amount of effort he or she is making. The good news is that there is a solution–your child can be a successful learner if you use the right techniques that match his or her unique learning style and brain style!

You can get instant reading and learning help through our fast, fun, and easy lessons for kinesthetic and tactile learners (either regular ed, gifted, or special ed) or those with ADHD or ADD or dyslexia. You can quickly improve your child’s reading and learning. Get instant access to the nation’s best accelerated learning, learn to read, and rapid reading improvement program and tutoring through brain-based learning styles (for kinesthetic and tactile, as well as visual, and auditory learners, with either right brain or left brain hemispheric preferences) to accelerate learning in phonics, comprehension, vocabulary, fluency, writing, study skills, and test prep (including state reading tests, high school prep tests, or the ACT and SAT college entrance exams). National Reading Diagnostics Institute and Keys Learning headquartered in Naperville, Illinois, now offers its proven to work, affordable, premier reading instruction, reading help, and tutoring program for parents to access right from your own home to help end your child’s struggle (whether in regular ed, special ed, gifted, Title 1, ELL, or those with ADHD/ADD, dyslexia, learning disabilities, or reading disabilities) through the method that you prefer:

1)Now you have access to the same materials used by schools around the world that have consistently raised reading levels, grades, and test scores from struggle and below state standards to meet and exceed state standards within the shortest possible time. You can instantly download these award-winning materials through digital e-courses, lessons, e-books, audios, webinars, and materials delivered right to your computer at home to work at your own pace, your own time, and your own place! Get the same benefits and results as offered from the original live tutoring. Now, reading help can come to you!

2) Or, if you prefer, and live in the Chicagoland and suburban areas of Illinois, we still offer our live reading diagnostics testing, learning style and brain style assessments, prescriptive reading and learning plans, and live coaching, caring reading tutoring, premier test prep (state reading tests, high school entrance exams, and ACT and SAT college entrance exam preparation) in our national headquarters, National Reading Diagnostics Institute and Keys Learning, established in 1993, in Naperville, Illinois, . (To schedule, call (630) 717-4221 or email:

Check out Ricki Linksman’s on-line proven, easy, and engaging reading lessons that parents can use with their children or teens either to help them learn to read or do home tutoring to improve reading for pre-K, K-12, and college from the comfort of your own home or vacation spot through e-courses and e-lessons and save gas mileage! Great for after-school, home school, or summer school, accelerate your child to grade level and beyond with average of two to five years and more gains above grade level in the shortest possible time.

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Off the Wall Phonics: (accelerated brain-based phonics program for kids who like to move.) Whether your child is a kinesthetic learner, has ADHD or ADD, or just needs to learn by moving, this is a program of fast, fun, and easy games proven to give you the fastest results in the shortest time. Even tactile, visual, and auditory, left brain or right brain learners can benefit from its multisensory approach to phonics! To order go to:

Parents: Did You Know There is a Fine Line Between ADD/ADHD and Kinesthetic, Tactile, and Right Brain Learners? The latest book by Ricki Linksman provides help for your child or teen who may be a kinesthetic learner:

New Book: The Fine Line between ADHD and Kinesthetic Learners: 197 Activities to Quickly Improve Reading, Memory, and Learning in Just 10 Weeks: The Ultimate Parent Handbook for ADHD, ADD, and Kinesthetic Learners, by Ricki Linksman: Jam-packed with hundreds of strategies, tips, and lessons to help you understand the characteristics of your kinesthetic child or teen and the best methods to teach him or her. This book has over 300 pages of quick, fun, short, and easy activities to help quickly improve reading, memory, and learning any subject. Discover how to communicate with your child to relieve tension during homework time. Find out how your child can achieve maximum success in school as a kinesthetic learner, either with ADHD or ADD, or who is misdiagnosed with these challenges, or who is just a learner who needs to move and is not being taught in his or her best brain style or learning style. Learn how your child can be successful in school and life with these proven, effective techniques. To order go to:

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For parents of children or teens with ADD/ADHD, dyslexia, learning disabilities, reading disabilities, or a reading or learning problem in school that you cannot solve, you are invited to take a free webinar with Author Ricki Linksman (How to Learn Anything Quickly, published by Barnes and Noble, and Founder-Director of National Reading Diagnostics Institute, the world’s leading accelerated learning and reading tutoring and parent training center). Learn the secrets to help end your child’s frustration in reading or any school subject in the shortest possible time. Find out if your child who you think may have ADD, ADHD, dyslexia, learning disabilities, or reading disabilities is merely a kinesthetic, tactile, visual, auditory, or left brain or right brain learner who is not being taught in his or her best learning style! Whether you are a parent who is home-schooling your pre-K, K-12 child, or whether you are considering where to send your child for summer-school, after-school, or reading tutoring, learn how you can solve your child’s reading or learning problem and improve memory, concentration, and focus now. Accelerate your child to grade level and above grade level and raise grades and test scores in the shortest possible time. End your child’s frustration, raise confidence, motivation, and self-esteem, and transform his or her life! Sign up today as space is limited for the free webinar sponsored by Keys Learning. (If you cannot listen at that time, you can hear the replay at your convenience). Sign up for this free webinar at

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World’s leading accelerated learning, reading, and brain-based learning style and memory expert, Ricki Linksman, offers training to parents and teachers through teleseminars, webinars, books, eBooks, books on Kindle for I-pad, I-phone, Android, Blackberry, etc., e-courses, assessments, reading diagnostic tests, phonics tests, phonics, comprehension, fluency, spelling, writing, and vocabulary instruction and curriculum, learning style and brain style inventory and assessment tests, coaching, and podcasts in Accelerated Learning for Kids and Teens through Superlinks Learning Styles to help improve in reading and learning.

Quickly solve your child’s learning and reading problems in all subjects from pre-school to grades K-12, including students in regular ed, gifted, special ed, ELL, bi-lingual, or Title 1 programs, or those who have been diagnosed with ADD, ADHD, dyslexia, learning disabilities, reading disabilities, or reading problems. Ricki Linksman offers teleseminars, webinars, eBooks, books, podcasts, e-courses, and parent coaching for after-school, summer school, tutoring or home school to learn any subject, including helping your child learn to read and improve in reading in the shortest possible time using the Superlinks learning styles pre-K, K-12 reading curriculum. Featuring:

Kinesthetic Vocabulary

Kinesthetic Phonics

Kinesthetic Reading Comprehension

Kinesthetic Test-taking Skills

Kinesthetic ACT/SAT college test prep

Tactile Vocabulary

Tactile Phonics

Tactile Reading Comprehension

Tactile Test-taking Skills

Tactile ACT/SAT college test prep

For the following, go to the tab in this site for visual and auditory learners:

Auditory Vocabulary

Auditory Phonics

Auditory Reading Comprehension

Auditory Test-taking Skills

Auditory ACT/SAT college test prep

Visual Vocabulary

Visual Phonics

Visual Reading Comprehension

Visual Test-taking Skills

Visual ACT/SAT college test prep

2 Fun, Activity-based Vocabulary Books for Kinesthetic and Tactile Learners:

Kinesthetic Vocabulary Activities Your Child Will Love: In 27 Days Improve Your Kinesthetic Child’s Vocabulary and Comprehension. $19.00 To order go to:


Tactile Vocabulary Activities Your Child Will Love: In 27 Days Improve Your Tactile Child’s Vocabulary and Comprehension. $19.00To order go to:

Improve Reading Comprehension, Vocabulary, Phonics, Fluency, and Test-taking for Kinesthetic and Tactile Learners with Lesson Plans for K-12 in All Areas of Reading with Keys to Reading Success:

For parents who want reading lesson plans for your kinesthetic learner, tactile learner, visual learner, or auditory learner, with either a left-brain or right-brain hemispheric preference, you can get instant access to a password to Keys to Reading Success and give your child the online reading diagnostic test from your home to quickly solve and fix your child’s reading problems and raise grades and reading test scores. Keys to Reading Success includes its online Superlinks Accelerated Learning and Reading Program, developed by Ricki Linksman, author of How to Learn Anything Quickly and The Fine Line between ADHD and Kinesthetic Learners. Ricki Linksman was the first to develop an entire course in reading: phonics, vocabulary and comprehension for kinesthetic learners and for tactile learners. Kinesthetic learners differ from tactile learners, although someone may be a combination of both. See definitions below.
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