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Frustrated by not knowing why your child is having: a reading problem, poor grades in any subject, difficulty comprehending, or low test scores? Is your child struggling, having low self-esteem, or just hates to read? Ricki Linksman, reading expert and expert in accelerated learning will share with you her secret methodology of how to fix ANY reading problem quickly. She has fixed the problems of tens of thousands of students.

It begins with her proven reading diagnosis test that will pinpoint and target your child’s reading problem. The Linksman Reading Diagnostic Test is now only available online through Keys to Reading Success. Find out more HERE.

It is new and improved! Previously in its original book form, this test required parents and teachers to score it themselves–but author and reading expert, Ricki Linksman has developed an online version through Keys to Reading Success which will instantly SCORE THE TEST FOR YOU and GIVE YOU AN IMMEDIATE READING DIAGNOSIS saving your hours of work! Don’t wait another day to solve your child’s reading problem–you can have answers TODAY.

Read more about ordering Keys to Reading Success and getting help for your child NOW HERE.

Not only will you get a reading diagnosis, but you will also get the Linksman Learning Style Preference Assessment and Brain Hemispheric Preference Assessment, to find your child’s learning style and brain hemispheric preference or brain style and his or her fastest way of learning. Teachers, you can test your whole class! Plus, you get a prescriptive reading plan for every child you test, and thousands of reading lesson plans and activities in your child’s learning style, whether kinesthetic, tactile, visual, or auditory with either a right-brain or left brain hemispheric preference, AND TEST PREP in your child’s learning style.

Just think–you can have the proven test prep strategies to raise reading scores on any state reading tests or the college entrance exams, such as the ACT and SAT in your child’s learning style–TODAY.

Ideal for pre-K, K-12, college, and for students in regular education, gifted, special education, (including those diagnosed with ADD, ADHD, learning disabilities or dyslexia), or students in ELL (ESOL, ESL, English as a second language, bilingual) or in Title 1 or Remedial Reading. For teachers, this has been ideal for RTI (response to intevention).

Don’t waste another penny on programs and resources that will take years to help your child–get help today and get a reading diagnosis today, and begin helping your child with its proven lesson plans that will help you find results within days, weeks, and a few months–not years!

Go HERE to order Keys to Reading Success and get help for your child NOW.

Did you know that one reason for poor grades on tests or courses can be due to using textbooks or materials that are written at a higher level than one’s reading level? Do you know your reading level or that of your child’s, teen’s, students, or trainees and employees? A reading diagnosis can help pinpoint your reading level and comprehension level. At we believe that matching one’s reading level to the text is an important key to success in learning any subject.

If you are a parent, teacher, tutor, trainer, or employer, and would like to find out the reading level and comprehension level of yourself, your children, your students, your employees, or your trainees, you can order Keys to Reading Success. It includes the Linksman Passage Reading Test to Diagnose Reading Skills, and the online reading diagnosis test. The simple test will measure at what reading level he or she can read comfortably and his or her comprehension. Once you know your reading level and comprehension level, you will have a diagnosis that will help you improve your reading skills, or select texts and books to read at the matching reading level. This test is currently used in public schools throughout the United States and is on the Illinois State Board of Education Consumer’s Guide of prepared assessments for language arts and reading.

This test is now only available as part of Keys to Reading Success. Get help for your child NOW HERE.

Remember–this Linksman Passage Reading Tests to Diagnose Reading Skills is now only available as part of the Keys to Reading Success online program. It has been improved to do the scoring for you and gives you a reading diagnosis, prescriptive plan, and thousands of reading lesson plans in kinesthetic, tactile, visual and auditory learning styles. It can provide the full solution for your child’s reading problems. (pre-K, K-12, and college) It can also can be used for adult literacy and adult learners. Learn more HERE.

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